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What level of precision do you need?

New Holland auto-guidance solutions are compatible with a full range of guidance correction signals so that you can choose the exact level of precision that your operations requires. GPS and GLONASS correction signals are transmitted via a network of satellites that orbit the Earth and land based receivers can then determine their own position in relation to these signals. However, this alone is not accurate enough for agricultural, therefore a correction signal must also be used.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space based satellite navigation system and is part of a larger system called Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). GNSS is a term used for all satellite constellation systems used to provide positioning data. Currently GNSS only covers GPS and GLONASS systems. GLONASS is similar to GPS and both are available worldwide. When auto guidance receivers track both GPS and GLONASS signals together, the number of 'visible' satellites is greatly increased which reduces the risk of losing satellite coverage for increased uptime.

Egnos offer sub 20cm accuracy.

EGNOS offer accuracy of 20cm. This means that you can come back to the same point in your filed pass after pass and be within 20cm of where you were before. This system is perfect for operators that simply want to get in and drive away and is best suited to crop spraying and tillage applications where accuracy and repeatability are not of prime concern.

RangePoint RTX offers 15cm accuracy.

RangePoint RTX is a new low cost correction signal that provides a reliable, 15cm, pass to pass accuracy and is GPS and GLONASS enabled. This is ideal for all spraying and fertiliser applications.

Omni-Star XP and HP offer sub 12cm accuracy.

Omni-Star XP provide 12 cm accuracy, and they are ideal for high performance broadacre spraying and land tillage applications. The highest level of accuracy can be obtained with Omni-Star HP correction signals with accuracy levels as high as 10cm, this makes it the natural choice when conducting broadacre seeding and harvesting.

CentrePoint RTX offers sub 4cm accuracy.

For businesses in the most remote locations, or that cover vast areas, CenterPoint RTX uses a network of satellites to broadcast correction signals to keep your machine on the straight and narrow. GPS and GLONASS enabled to provide outstanding repeatability and reliability.

RTK range offers up to 2.5cm absolute accuracy.

RTK Radio Transmission uses a network of base stations in conjunction with radio correction signals to broadcast within a 12.87km radius of the base stations, when not obstructed by hilly terrain. RTK VRS uses your mobile telephone network to precisely locate your machine and provide real-time correction signals, without the need for base stations. With this level of accuracy you can conduct row crop applications, strip tilling, land levelling and even draining application which require precise horizontal and vertical accuracy. Quite simply, its the most accurate precision farming solution around, together with accurate repeatability.

XFILL: Backup for RTK signal.

Customers that work in rolling terrain, or when topography blocks the line of sight from the base station, XFILL technology offers a reliable solution. XFILL is a dependable backup system, which provides up to 20 minutes of correction following the loss of RTK signal.