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If you’re having issues with pests including rats and mice, Agricar have a variety of Neosorexa products in stock for pest control. Choose between bait buckets, rat packs, and loose bait.

Our Neosorexa Gold loose bait is the fastest & most effective multi-purpose cut wheat bait, making the product appealing to rodents by using foraging grains to produce desirable mixed bait. The loose bait is also available in ratpacks; conveniently measured 100g sachets in a 5kg rat bait bucket. This product is effective for use around stored crops, forage clamps, & stacks.

Neosorexa pasta bait is especially valuable for use in dry environments where grain based baits are ineffective. The high quality moist pasta bait sachets are effective for difficult to control rats and mice, which has the added benefit of no spillage risk, and is quick and easy to use.

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