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Precision Land Management Benefits

Give your business a complete and flexible GPS solution.

From the enhanced productivity of light bar guidance, to the pinpoint accuracy of fully integrated guidance, and the valuable analysis of yield data, our Precision Land Management offering will help maximise yields, control input costs and optimise profits.

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How does it work?

The GPS antenna fitted to the machine receives continuous signals from the GPS satellite constellation. Ground based GPS receivers, at known locations across Europe, receive the same signals. As their absolute location is known, they can calculate the real time position error, and via uplink stations, send a position correction message to geostationary satellites. These geostationary satellites then beam down the correction message to the GPS receiver on the vehicle, and the correction can be applied to the received position.

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Three levels of accuracy

Differential GPS with EGNOS or OmniSTAR® correction.

The vehicle with a GPS antenna receives signals from the GPS satellite constellation. The EGNOS or OmniSTAR® services, which have a number of ground based GPS receivers spread across the area for which they deliver a correction, receive the same GPS messages as the vehicle.

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