Higher profits

Increasing yield with the same input or maintaining yield with reduced input, this is what can be done with New Holland Yield Measuring system.

Register and store your yield

  • The DGPS based system on New Holland CSX, CX and CR combines allows you to permanently register your yield and store it, linked to the precise location.

Prepare application maps

  • That information - in combination with other DGPS collected data like crop moisture content and soil variations - is then used to prepare application maps for accurate, site-specific fertilising, seeding and spraying, thus increasing your profits.

Exclusive yield measuring system

Accurate, crop independent yield measuring is the most critical aspect of data gathering for Precision Farming.

No calibration on CX/CR

  • The system on CX/CR is an exclusive patented high accuracy yield sensor developed by New Holland requires no calibration between different crops.
  • The sensor plate between grain elevator and grain tank filling auger, is fitted to a pivoting device with a counterweight. This neutralises the rubbing effect of the grain and provides precise mass measuring whatever the kernel size or shape, the grain density and the moisture or impurity content.

Easy calibration on CSX

  • On CSX combines the yield sensor is based on optical sensors situated in the clean grain elevator. The moisture sensor is placed in the graintank. The CSX system allows a quick and very simple calibration. The operator of a New Holland combine can concentrate on harvesting rather than on setting up and calibrating.

An integrated package

To maximise customer profitability, New Holland offers a Precision Farming package that is integrated into the combines’ control systems. The monitor and operational control tools are used with any of the four possible packages:

Moisture measuring only on CX/CR
Yield and moisture measuring on CSX/CX/CR
Full Precision Farming system for yield mapping on CSX/CX/CR:

  • DGPS Antenna with Egnos capability
  • Yield measuring, including moisture measuring
  • Desktop Software for yield mapping
  • Customer training and support for efficient and proper use of the Desktop Software


  • On CX/CR IntelliSteer™ can either be fully factory installed, or is available as a retrofittable kit.

Antennas, yield and moisture sensors are retrofittable and can be ordered also.