Available from the factory or as retrofit package, IntelliSteer™ system offers fully automated steering with repeatability and precision with features including RTK accuracy, helps you maximize productivity for optimal crop yields.



  • Mounts onto the tractor or onto the implement to provide up to 2.5 cm pass-to-pass and year-to-year accuracy.

New Holland vehicle interface

  • Receives navigation commands from the Navigation Controller II which control the vehicle's steering when engaged.

New Holland integrated steering sensor

  • Measures highly accurate wheel angle information on all terrain and sends it to the Navigation Controller II.

Navigation Controller II

  • Plugged into your New Holland guidance ready vehicles, it sends T3™ terrain compensated corrections (roll + pitch + yaw) and precise steering instructions to the vehicle by using GPS information from the receiver.

Fully integrated system

Control through single screen

Tuned to individual machine platform

Available from factory or as retrofit kit for:

  • New Holland Tractors: T6000, T7000, T7500, T8000 or T9000.
  • New Holland Combines harvesters: CX8000 and CR9000.