The world’s simplest portable hands-free farming system for almost all vehicle models, old and new.

The EZ-Steer® system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a motor thanks to a GPS guidance signal from the EZ-Guide® 250, EZ-Guide® 500 or FM-1000™.

While the EZ-Steer® keeps you on line on undulating land, ditches, waterways and terraces, you can focus on many different tasks, such as sprayer or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields while reducing stress.

T2™ terrain compensation technology

Terrain compensation technology calculates the difference between the GPS antenna’s location and the desired "working position" of the vehicle's center point on the ground. No matter what angle the vehicle may be tilting, it improves accuracy when driving on flat ground with rough terrain and accuracy on slopes, hills and when driving over terraces, ditches and waterways.

EZ-Steer® motor

The EZ-Steer® motor receives electrical signals from the EZ-Steer® controller and converts them to precise commands that the vehicle’s steering system uses to keep the vehicle on track. You can resume the control of your machine at anytime by turning the steering wheel.

Foot Switch

Engage and disengage the EZ-Steer® system with the optional foot switch for hands-free farming.

EZ-Steer® controller

Using data from the GPS receiver, the EZ-Steer® controller sends precise instructions to the steering wheel motor. T2™ technology continually corrects for roll and yaw by using 4-axis solid state inertial sensors to give you a true on-ground position.

RTK upgrade

Upgrade EZ-Steer® to RTK for repeatable 2.5 cm GPS positioning accuracy. This option requires use of the EZ-Guide® 500 or FM-1000™.