The cornerstone of guidance, capable of 2.5cm accuracy.

The EZ-Guide® 500 has a built-in dual-frequency receiver that allows you to choose the accuracy you need from 20 cm to 2.5 cm pass-to-pass, year-to-year. When you need a GPS guidance system that saves you time, fuel and inputs, look no further than the EZ-Guide® 500.


31 Bright LEDs

  • Give you quick on-line visual feedback to keep you on track.

Radar speed output

FieldFinder technology

  • Automatically locate stored fields as you approach them.

OnPath® filter technology

  • For improved pass-to-pass accuracy.

Night or Day use

  • Switch to NightMode for better visibility at night.
  • Mark and locate in-field hazards with feature mapping.
  • Find easily the next path with SwathFinder assistance.

Change your perspective on a 18 cm color screen

  • Choose between plan and 3D perspective views, to see at a glance where you are and what you’ve been doing.

FreeForm™ guidance pattern

  • Offers the ultimate in guidance flexibility, allowing you to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit the layout and contours of your field.

USB Flash drive

  • Simply transfer your day’s coverage to your computer using a USB flash drive to generate printed maps and reports.
  • Import/export fields and coverage maps.

Dual frequency receiver

  • With a built-in dual-frequency GPS receiver you get to choose your accuracy option without adding an extra GPS receiver to your cab.

GPS data output

  • To supply GPS position data to your combine display for yield monitoring.

User friendly • Simple and affordable • All makes compatible