Cut your farm’s input costs!

The EZ-Boom® automatically turn on and off up to ten boom sections to avoid overspray and untreated gaps on end rows. This results in faster and more precise application for all field work and less stress on the the operator when navigating headlands, waterways and other demanding driving situations.


Automated boom switched The EZ-Guide® 500 or the FM-1000™ shows you real-time opening and closing sections of ramps. The area changes color depending on the site progress.

GPS input for automated boom switches

  • Z-Boom® uses GPS positions from the EZ-Guide® 500 or the FM-1000™ to automatically detect sections that need
    to be turned on or off for precise coverage. The ten switches can also be used for manual control of boom sections.

Rate switches

  • The R1 and R2 switches can be set to predefined rates so when changing from one application to another it’s just a flick of the switch to change the application rate. With the + and - switch you can increase or decrease the current application rates when your field requires a quick change.

Sprayed area reports and map

  • Watch directly reports on your EZ-Guide® 500, FM-1000™ or download them on your computer via a USB stick.


  • One cable connects the EZ-Boom® system to the display and another cable connects it directly to existing flow
    meters and valves, so the EZ-Boom® system is simple to plug and play into your sprayer system.

The easiest GPS driven spraying