Precision you demand

The Autopilot™ automated steering system used with an RTK signal will give a 2.5 cm repeatability from plant to harvest with any field pattern. Using the machine’s electro hydraulic circuit to provide automatic guidance, this retrofit solution will significantly increase your efficiency during field preparation, planting and harvesting by driving more accurately and consistently during extended periods behind the wheel.

Implement guidance and RTK increase your accuracy and yields.

Thanks to a GPS antenna mounted on the implement, TrueGuide™ system keeps your implement on a repeatable path on sloped fields with steep gradients. Retrofit installation kit compatible with all manufactures’ implement.



  • Mounts onto to the tractor or onto the implement to provide up to 2.5 cm pass-to-pass and year-to-year accuracy.

Navigation Controller II

  • It sends T3™ terrain compensated corrections (roll + pitch + yaw) and precise steering instructions to the vehicle by using guidance and GPS information from the FM-1000™ or the EZ-Guide® 500.

T3™ terrain compensation technology

  • Corrects off-line errors created by vehicle roll, pitch or yaw.

EZ-Guide® 500 or FM-1000™

  • Delivering down to 2.5 cm GPS accuracy.

Autosense™ steering sensor

  • This unique steering sensor measures highly accurate wheel angle information on all terrain and sends it to the Navigation Controller II.

Vehicle interface

  • Receives navigation commands from the Navigation Controller II which controls the vehicle’s steering when engaged.

Keeps your machine and your implement on repeatable path