Charles J Marshall (Aberdeen) Ltd celebrated its Diamond Anniversary in 2012. Sixty-three years ago, the Marshall brand was conceived by Charles J Marshall (Snr); the year was 1952.

Production has grown from a mere 46 units in 1952 to supplying an average of 46 units per week that are sold throughout the world and Marshall’s can now proudly boast they are the UK’s oldest and largest trailer manufacturer.

In 1982 the bright new talent of Charles Richard was introduced and he started his apprenticeship within the firm. Like his father before him, he also worked his way through the shop ensuring he had the same sound understanding of the business as his father and today he feels that nothing really beats the experience gained from doing it yourself. Taking up his present position as managing director in 1998.

Like his father before him, Charles Richard still operates the firm on a daily basis handling all the purchasing, sales, after service and the general management required for a company of this size to function. Marshall’s are proud of the fact that they are still owned and operated by the same family and three years ago the company also welcomed the next generation into the fold.

In any family business the younger generation always brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the company, and Charles Peter and his brother David have been no different. They have had a huge influence on the business and encouraged many of the changes introduced in the last few years. These changes are clear to see in the finish and quality of the final product, but the really radical changes have been with how the product is produced! Marshall’s have borrowed 21st century production methods from the motor-industry, that rely on better integrating their state of the art plasma cutters, presses and robot welders to the production line. The end results are machines that are better looking and better finished every time!

Now there should be no excuse not to consider a Marshall machine; a family business with traditional values producing a modern, state of the art product!

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